OMEP 2018

70th OMEP World Assembly and Conference
World Assembly: 25 - 26 of June 2018, Prague, Hotel Olympik
International Conference: 27 - 29 of June, 2018, Prague, Hotel Clarion

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Schedule of Individual Paper Presentations, Self-Organized Symposiums and Poster Presentations. Download here.

Types of presentation

Individual Paper Presentation 15 minutes presentation, including 5 minutes of Q & A.
Self-Organized Symposium 90 minutes around a common theme with a moderator
Poster Presentation 60 minutes with presenter available to discuss topics with delegates

There will be no simultaneous translation of presentations. 

Call for abstracts

The theme for this conference emerged from our idea that children’s living conditions today have a great influence on their future. For 70 years, OMEP has argued that children’s living conditions, and the education they enjoy today, will influence not only their own future but also the future of society as a whole. The ways in which we educate and care for the children of the world are important, as are the conditions we create for their individual and common development.

We have formulated eight sub-themes for the conference, each representing basic and crucial resources and living conditions for young children. Of course, there could be more or indeed other sub-themes, but this is our way we have chosen to organize the conference. We believe that every participant, according to their interests, will be able to find a relevant place and space under these subtopics to share ideas via papers or posters.

  • INCLUSIVE EARLY CHILDHOOD SETTINGS (all forms of institutional care and education, including kindergartens, preschools, nurseries, play groups with their associate quality and accessibility for all children)
  • FAMILY SUPPORT (nuclear family, extended family, relatives, friends, all kinds of family resources for the education and development of children, including family and school/preschool cooperation)
  • PLAY (promoting learning through play, child initiated play, adult initiated play, free play)  
  • ART (visual, music, drama, and literature supporting creativity and aesthetic senses)
  • TECHNOLOGY (information and communication technologies, promoting creativity, communication, and orientation in today’s world)
  • CULTURAL, SOCIAL AND LANGUAGE DIVERSITY (ways of learning and understanding others and different living conditions, social (in)equality) 
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT AND COOPERATION (the broader context of early childhood education)

 15 January, 2018 - Proposal Submission Deadline

Proposal Submission