OMEP 2018

70th OMEP World Assembly and Conference
World Assembly: 25 - 26 of June 2018, Prague, Hotel Olympik
International Conference: 27 - 29 of June, 2018, Prague, Hotel Clarion

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70th OMEP World Assembly and Conference

Dear friends,

The time has gone by very quickly and it is hard to believe that four months have passed since the World Assembly and Conference was held to mark the 70 anniversary of the establishment of OMEP.

We appreciate your faith in us. Your attendance helped to make the conference in Prague the conference with the highest number of participants in the last six years. Thank you!

We were delighted to hear the praise you lavished on us during the conference and the accompanying events. We were also very happy to receive the letters of thanks you sent after the event and which made that pleasant feeling of a job well done last a little longer. Your positive feedback commending the result of our efforts motivates us to continue our work and to organise event relating to the ideas and aims of OMEP.

The financial proceeds from the conference are very beneficial for OMEP Czech Republic. In the coming years we would therefore like to provide financial support to enable representatives from less economically developed OMEP member countries to attend the world assemblies.

On behalf of the entire conference organisational committee and the OMEP Czech National Committee I wish you all the best of success at home and at work and am looking forward to meeting you again at a future OMEP event.


Dana Moravcová

President of OMEP Czech Republic