OMEP 2018

70th OMEP World Assembly and Conference
World Assembly: 25 - 26 of June 2018, Prague, Hotel Olympik
International Conference: 27 - 29 of June, 2018, Prague, Hotel Clarion

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70th Anniversary Exhibition

In honour of the 70th Anniversary of OMEP we have prepared, in cooperation with the Pedagogical Museum of J. A. Komensky a special exhibition. It summarises the common history of OMEP from its very beginning to the present time. The exhibition also maps the most important activities, projects and success of regions during the last decade.

Children´s Pictures of The ESD Topic (Czech Republic)

From June 27 to June 29, 2018, at the time of the international conference on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of OMEP, an exhibition of children's works will be installed in the premises of the Clarion Hotel. The theme is sustainable development through the eyes of children of the Czech Republic kindergartens, where they portray their relationship to the nature, animals, society and the entire planet Earth using different artistic techniques.

ART CREATIVE Project for the OMEP 70th Anniversary celebration Prague – 2018


Virtual Exhibition of the selected children’s art works


Participating countries: Nigeria, Mauritius, Cameroon, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Korea, China, Slovakia, Greece, Poland, Cyprus, Russia, Turkey, Cuba, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile, Canada, USA.


Project description:

The main aim of this project is to give the opportunity to children from all the countries to express their feelings and to communicate with children from other countries around the world through artistic language. It will be also an opportunity for us, adults, to listen to the children’s voice since we are talking about children, their feelings, their needs, wellbeing and education. Therefore, we have asked educators of pre-school education to promote the project and participate with children’s art works.

Based on the theory that every artistic creation is transmitting different messages, always depending on the viewer who at the same time will receive it through his perspective and according to his life experiences, a piece of art – work of a child can be translated to many languages and with different meanings, therefore can be an excellent way of non-verbal communication between the OMEP World family.






Children were asked to create freely their own fantastic story or a fragment of their real actual life in order to communicate it to other children around the World and tell their story. The purpose of this activity was to give children the opportunity to feel comfortable about themselves and to understand all dimensions of diversity through the artistic process.



There were collected art works from the above mentioned countries.

Here is commentary of the project coordinator and curator:


“I had the honor to receive such beautiful art works!

Being an artist by myself I had the pleasure to value the quality of high effort in most of them.  Above all I had the privilege to travel across the five continents through the heart, the mind and the soul of the children of our planet. It was an emotional journey during which I had the opportunity to appreciate the excellence, the beauty and sensitivity of all of the art works! I believe it is crucial to offer the possibility to ALL children to “talk” to us. Each of them in different way, color, ability, media, but all of them in a sensitive language, “children’s language” through art!  The art works you are going to see is a pre-selection – two of each participating country – and the participation of the final competition for the selection of the five finalists, one art work from each region. The five finalist’s art works are shown aside on paper.

You are welcome to appreciate and enjoy the results!”  



Project Co-ordinator: Dr Maria Vassiliadou – President of OMEP Cyprus

Associate Professor on Artistic Education, Frederick  University, Nicosia, Cyprus.


The project was carry out with the collaboration of OMEP Cyprus and  OMEP Czech Republic.